Let’s Work Together

Imagine it’s 10 years from today and you’re still in the same job. How does that feel?

If you’re shuddering and thinking “Is this as good as it gets?” and wouldn’t even consider staying in the same job, company, or industry for the next decade, you’re not alone.

Fun fact: work isn’t supposed to suck. You aren’t meant to become an office drone slowly climbing the corporate ladder to meet everyone else’s expectations of your life — except your own. 

If you can’t stand the idea of working as hard as you do just to have your boss’ job in a few years, consider this your wake up call that it’s time to make a change.

Better work exists, and it’s available for you right now.

If you haven’t found a career yet that truly makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning, listen up.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you who had come to believe that work = death of fun and happiness.

I coached them out of the the slump and helped them to see that there is a career out there that will add joy, meaning and challenge to life (rather than take it away).

You are meant to be a badass in the professional world, and there is a career out there that will make you happy — all we have to do is point you in the right direction to look to actually find it.

I’m Lisa Lewis and if there’s a job out there, I’ve probably done it.

In the first decade of my career, I got opportunities to work for some of the world’s most coveted and sexy brands:

I figured out the rules to the game to get interviews and offers from amazing companies.

And while there were things about these jobs that I loved, what I really loved was figuring out who I am beyond the brands — and helping other people do the same. That’s why I made the move into career coaching, got my Pivot Method coaching certification, and started my own business.

In the past years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them get jobs that make them smile, doing everything from digital product management to social work to six-figure sales roles.

The ability to dream up a career that’s unapologetically you — and go get it — is available to you right now. And, all the tactics I used to get interviews and jobs with these amazing companies are things you can (and will) do, too.

If you are putting in hours at a job that’s not lighting you up right now — I want to share my tools and wisdom with you.

I’d love to invite you to join me for Career Clarity: A soulful career direction program to help you figure out what you want to do with your life and get a job doing it.

This is not just about writing a great résumé (although we’ll address that). To find and get a job doing something you’re passionate about, I’ll guide you through these four phases to cultivate direction, decisiveness and a path:



This is where I begin, every single time. We’ve got to start by calibrating your internal GPS so you will be able to figure out where you want to go and what you want to do — not what other people want for you. We map out your four key pieces of the career puzzle: strengths, personality, passions and lifestyle. This step makes everything else way easier.



You’ll create a decision-making framework so that you know what a great fit jobs looks like. That way when you have a million options in front of you, you’ll be able to pick the one that is perfect for you instead of saying “yes” to things that look good on paper.



This is the most important part of our entire process and yes, it does require work. The last thing I want you to do is fall in love with the dream of a career that in reality, you would despise. This phase is about creating smart small-scale experiments that remove the scariness and risk from making a big career leap.



Finally it’s time to take everything you know about yourself and make sure that on paper (and in person), you look like the dream candidate for the job you want.
We’ll strategize how to build the right relationships and get you job offers that make you do a happy dance.

Here’s what you get over the time we work together:

Your situation is unique, so we’ll work 1-on-1 to assess your strengths, gifts, values and interests to figure out what makes you tick.

And while you’re not like anybody else, the tools and framework that move you from frustration to freedom have been proven over and over again throughout time. I’ll bring my training in coaching and my background in adult developmental models, career strategy and values-based decision making to work for you to make sure you’re getting breakthroughs and results.   

This program is specifically designed to get amazing results for talented, ambitious but unfulfilled individuals.

You’re a perfect fit to work with me if:

If you’re not experiencing some friction between who you are and who you want to be, or aren’t willing to be open and experiment, coaching won’t be a good fit. You have to want more. And, you have to be willing to take some risks, because the agony of staying stuck is worth trading old safety for new opportunity. 


 >> Let’s make it happen. <<

The investment for Career Clarity is $750/month for 3 coaching sessions per month, unlimited email and Marco Polo video messaging support in between, and access to all the resources, tools, and relationships that I have in my arsenal after having coached 350+ people just like you.

Fill out your Career Clarity program application now to start moving towards a career path and job you’ll love.

You likely invested tens of thousands of dollars for your university degree. When was the last time you invested in your career?

In all other areas of your life that are crucial to your mental and emotional health, you expect to make progress and seek out coaches: trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists, counselors, pastors.

Yet in our careers, where we spend more waking hours each day than we spend with our friends or loved ones, we’re told that we should “figure it out by myself.” When you take on this mindset, you are far more likely to stay in a job or career path that isn’t serving you for months — or years — passed the expiration date.

How long can you afford not to get started making a change? Being stressed or unhappy in your work has huge implications across all aspects of your life: artificially low energy, tension in your body carried in your muscles and joints, getting sick more often and staying sick longer, being grumpy or disrespectful towards your partner or family or friends, and less time to pursue the things that your paycheck is supposed to empower you to do. And, chronic career frustration is often a sign you’re de-prioritizing your own happiness. It’s time you reclaim it.

I’m not the cheapest coach on the block. That’s on purpose: I work hard to ensure my clients are learning and having deep insights about what they want…and lovingly kicking their butts towards the results they’re craving.

I want you to get job offers, not just good feels, so we’ll work together to keep you moving towards clarity and commitment on the direction that lights you up again.

I’m on your team.

If you don’t trust me to be your coach, guide, accountability partner, and transition expert — or don’t trust yourself to make time to do the work — don’t hire me.

Your success is 100% in your control, and I believe in you. Do you?

Let’s turn you into the next success story. Here’s what my clients say:

As a young professional living in a high-pressure city, I found Lisa’s coaching to be both inspiring and refreshing. Lisa will push you to be your best while encouraging you to find what you love about work—and how to make your own life and the lives of others better through that. She never tells you what to do; she listens and asks really great questions to help you figure that out for yourself. Every time I’ve met with her, she’s gone far above and beyond what I was expecting.

Lisa herself is an incredible role model—kind, hard-working, optimistic, and able to see the opportunities in every situation. – Kristie, Washington DC

When I met Lisa, I was looking through job posts as I found my work environment unsatisfying. I didn’t know what to apply to or which area I wanted.

The first thing Lisa did was help me get clarity. Suddenly I knew why certain words leapt out in a posting, and what environment I wanted. Right away, I could rule out 80% of those posts I had been saving. I felt focused and after researching more into the job posts, I revised my CV to showcase the skills they were looking for – which got me into interviews and then a brand new role – in a team that suits me to a tee.

I got more out of it than just a new job. Lisa helped me see where I was unnecessarily doubting myself and how opportunities outside of my 9-5 were drawing on the skills I loved using. I have a bolder vision going forward for how I can blend these skills with my side interests rather than telling myself I have to choose. – CJ, London, UK

From working with Lisa, I was blessed to:

  •       Find a culture that fostered what I wanted – a ‘freedom to fail’ attitude, innovation, and revolutionary – at an exciting start-up.
  •       Receive a 45% raise from the salary I made at my old company.
  •       Find myself on the most optimal team size for me – 2-3 people.
  •       Find myself at a company supporting completely flexible work schedules.
  •       Find myself at a company with domestic and international travel opportunities.

Personally speaking, I am much more engaged and thorough with the work I am doing. As Lisa said, a happier you is a more productive you. I can’t thank Lisa enough for learning to understand who I am, and helping me map what my ideal legacy would look like.  – Kevin, Washington DC

Lisa has years of experience helping people navigate tricky career situations and she’s knowledgeable about helping you find a way to create happiness in your job and/or maximize your opportunities. I am sure I will turn to Lisa at many more junctures in my career and I would encourage anyone seeking a career coach to help them figure out their path (and hold you accountable for taking steps towards it) to work with Lisa! – Nicole, San Diego, CA

As an artist and entrepreneur, I juggle multiple projects and business lines every day. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and jump from project to project (or fire to fire) with nothing left but a sense of overwhelm. Lisa helped me sort through all my activities and strategically focus my time and energy on those that mattered most to not only my financial bottom line but also my passion bottom line. She broke everything down into small, doable steps until we found a plan that worked. If you’re feeling stuck or need help getting yourself from point A to point B, I highly recommend working with her. And don’t wait – do it now! Your future self will thank you. – Sarah, Durham, NC

When I approached Lisa about doing coaching, I was feeling torn between multiple interests. I am a professional photographer and felt I had little control over my day-to-day schedule or the work I was doing. 

One major benefit I’ve already experienced is working smarter. That means I try to spend less time on any given activity, but achieve the same amount or more productivity. I am able to do this because I now realize it leads to having more free time to use towards my passion projects. It’s helpful to have a clear vision that I can share with anyone who does not know my work and wants to know what I do. It’s also led to saying no to things I’m not truly excited to attend because I realize it will give me more time for the things I love.

I feel I’ve already reaped great rewards from working with Lisa. She has a great gift of teasing out struggle, motive, and anything that may be holding someone back. I’d recommend anyone who is having a little trouble organizing thoughts and goals on their own to bounce them off of Lisa. She is understanding, caring, and really values the success of her clients! – Erin, Washington, DC

So Much More Coaching client Todd“Lisa Lewis is an expert in self-improvement, career counseling, and goal setting. She has spent years learning what works through direct experience, and loves to share her findings with others. Her unique style is the perfect mix of professionalism and accessibility, though her true gift as a coach lies in her understanding of what it means to be human, and her ability to quickly grasp the kaleidoscope of factors that define us. Lisa uses her expertise and insight to help clients identify underlying strengths, priorities, and weaknesses. Those who come to Lisa will leave armed with a specific and customized plan for fulfillment both in their careers and in life in general. I give Lisa my highest recommendation.” – Todd from Boulder, CO

Don’t stress — you’ve got this.

Q: What if I’ve never spent this much money on coaching or career development before?

A: You’ve probably spent tons of money on yourself in other ways without blinking: investing in an undergraduate or graduate degree, getting your hair or nails done, purchasing a new laptop or iPad, or buying a beautiful blazer. But when was the last time you invested directly into your own career happiness? Resume writers charge up to $2000 to work on your resume alone, without even asking if you’re pursuing the right kind of work. I offer ten 1-on-1 coaching conversations because it’s the best way to get individualized, personal feedback and accountability to move directly towards work happiness instead of career purgatory. Having your work be out of alignment with who you are has consequences: pain, frustration, despair, annoyance, irritation, distress. And these consequences spill over into the rest of your life, affecting your health, your relationships and your finances. So if you’re trying to quantify what a fulfilling career is worth to you, the better question might be: how long can you afford to keep being unhappy, stressed, and knowingly working in a job that doesn’t serve you?

Q: How long will it take me to find a career I love?

A: While we cover a huge amount of ground together in the four months of the program, your mileage may vary in how quickly you can make a transition. Some coaching clients discover that they want to head back to school to get an advanced degree, while others discover that they need to get more specific experience to be able to make the transition they’re craving, and others can make their career pivot almost instantaneously once they get super clear on what it is. Even if you don’t have the job in hand at the end, you’ll have all the tools you need to not just get this job, but navigate this same kind of career question in the future. Individuals like you who crave learning and growth outgrow their jobs faster than your average employee, so my philosophy to serve my clients best is to teach a gal to fish — not just serve her some cafeteria fish sticks.

Q: What happens after I fill out my application?

A: I want to make sure we’re a great fit working together, so you’ll achieve the results you want. After you submit your online application form, we’ll schedule 30 minutes to talk where I’ll ask you tons of questions about yourself and your biggest challenges. If after the first 15-20 minutes I think I can help, we’ll talk about how to you started as soon as possible. And if it’s not a good fit, that’s just fine, too. I want you to trust that you’ll get great results working with me, and if I think you’re a better fit with a different solution, I’ll tell you. There’s no BS here.

Let’s do this: I’m ready to fill out my application.